Friends of the .04 Trolley

Along the line

Deep cut near Oberon before 63rd St crossing, D&RGW, now UP's  Moffat Sub. to the right. Looking west towards Leyden at Oberon west of Carr St. The bridge ahead is Estes St. and the stop, named Area.  UP's Moffat sub to the right.

.The .04  heading to Arvada and 130 returning from Golden at Clear Creek Junction. This is now the site of Sam's Club I-70 and Wadsworth Blvd.  The.03 is passing the D&IM Arvada freight house. Before UPS and FedEx, the electric lines handled package freight. This location is now the Wadsworth Bypass.

On the way to Golden, Table Mesa in the background. The weeds indicate that this picture was taken near the end of service with reduced maintenance. The .03 is returning from Leyden at an unknown location.

The .06 is on its way back from Leyden near Arvada. Note the 3 rail track on the right This allowed standard gauge coal cars to be taken  to the Colorado & Southern Ry, Interchange in Arvada. The. 02 is passing Lakeside Amusement park on its way to Arvada.

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