Friends of the .04 Trolley


Restoration Progress

The .04 at the end of the initial contract with painted new canvas on the roof and look carefully and you can see a trolley pole mounted. The body is pained with numerals added. The fender is now mounted and "Glolden Glow" headlight and makers are illuminated. Photos Mike Pannell
The .04 shows off not only the initial paint but the marker lights and illuminated Route
Number sign generously donated by John Cox. The roof canvas is being installed.
Looking toward the motorman's area with  real Tramway seats installed and the ceiling light strip illuminated.
Looking towards the rear of car with seats installed.  
.04 on it's wheels again showing the reconstructed front end A close up of one of the wheel sets.
The rear of the  car taking shape .04 on it's wheels again!
The REAL Route Number Sign box courtesy of John Cox
View toward the front showing initial reconstruction. View toward the  front showing windows in place, the refinished floor, one seat installed and the controller case in place.
View towards the rear with some seats installed.  A close up of new windows and restored ceiling.
 The rear of the car showing replaced sheet metal. The front of the car with door in place and front end reconstruction.
From left to right,  the front headlight awaiting its case, the refurbished back up light and the backup controller.

                                                                                                                                   Past Pictures

The No. .04 after being unwrapped

Dismantled to start restoration

Some of the damage which must be repaired.


The interior showing the extent of work to be done

On the road to the restoration site.

On the road to the restoration site. The .04 in storage in Arvada, waiting for restoration.

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